Being and meaning

What is the true nature of my being?

I am the senses, and I am sensing.
I am the body, and feeling the body.
I am the thoughts, and thinking them.
I am the feelings, and feeling them.
I am doing things, and experiencing them.
I am myself, and perceiving myself.
I am observing, and observing the observer.
I am conscious, and consciousness.

The observed is not separate from the observer any more than the thing seen is seperate from the seër. So what is it that we are?

We are pure consciousness molded into physical form. And if we are consciousness we feel most whole when we are conscious, because it is closest to what we truly are.

All the detours we take away from this, when invested into our egoic mind or body ultimately leads us back to ourselves. Wondering of the path is fun for a little while, but before you realise it, you’re lost. When truly lost, it will cause suffering. And this suffering will encourage us to find the path again. This time we are closer to being ourselves, but this time we are aware of it. By experiencing the contrast of good and bad, peace and suffering, we will know who we are and this leads us to meaning.

In being without knowing, there is no meaning.
But in knowing without being, there is suffering.
When combining knowing and being, the meaning will bring peace.

Laura R. Wiarda

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