Is time related to matter?

How entwined is our life with physics?

Do the laws of physics apply to only physical things?

If we are more, let’s say, spirit too. And time is linked and bound by physicality. Then our energetic or spiritual body has no time. Part of us is a timeless being.

But do we perceive ourselves to be just that? Time is generally assumed to be of linear nature. From the past, through the now, into the future. We travel through time, but we are only ever truly in the now. There never has been, nor ever will there be ‘not now’.

We think of the past as something set in stone. But there are as many memories as there are and were points of observation. And these points of observation are human beings moving from now moment to now moment. So, we as humans, are also bound to this now. Only in the now observations can be made. The past can be interpreted and rewritten. History is not set in stone as it can be altered through time.

What about the future? It are now moments which are not yet observed. Without the observer, does the observed even exist? Then maybe, the future exists only when the now has arrived. But maybe this only applies to the physical part of the future. The possibilities already exist in the now.

So truly time does only exist to experience the physical implications of our being. Like a giant physics experiment with many oberservers in a quantum world, which comes into being by being observed. The observer and the observed are so connected that there is no way to experience them seperately.

Laura R. Wiarda


  1. Feije Groenewoud

    Mooi geschreven! Indrukwekkend.

  2. Anne

    What a fascinating way of looking at things! I am looking forward to reading more from you.

    Keep up the good work 💪😊

  3. Esther

    Mooi geschreven Laura !

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