Live life from love

Life is given to us. It doesn’t matter who or what gave it to us. Because we received it. We are life. But what are we doing with it? Did we even learn how to live life? What to do with the life given to us?

I sure know that I am not fully aware yet, or if I’ll ever be, of the full capacity life gives us. Am I capable of carrying the responsibility that life holds? The more you learn, the more responsibility you hold, not more entitlement. Am I up to the task of my purpose? First, finding it, then living it.

Life is a beautiful thing. It holds many possibilities. Many to create more of it and many to destroy it. The choices we make dictate the direction of our lives, the direction in which we move. Are we always aware of the direction we move in? No, we sure are not (yet). But moving from the intention of love and unity gives us better opportunities to move towards life than away from it.

Finding love within ourselves is an important step in that process. Are we capable of owning up to all parts of ourselves? Including the ones we do not like, have disowned, neglected or pushed away for a long time? Most of all, can we be honest to ourselves about our thoughts and feelings that we hold? Are we capable of loving the parts of us that we don’t like? If we are capable of loving that inside us, we are also capable of loving that outside of us.

As above, so below.
As inside, so outside.
Let’s move from love towards life.

Laura R. Wiarda

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