Questions you want answered

The type of questions you are asking determines the answers you are getting. What you put out is what you get back. You can ask questions to the universe and it will answer you. It answers you from the Field. The Field that connects us all and all things. When you ask a question, out loud or written down, you put out the vibration of wanting something. You want the answer, because you genuinely do not know the answer.

Then, if you let go of what the answer might be and open yourself up to all possibility there will come a point where the universe is answering. It answers through someone else, a song, a piece of text or a thought. These are all translations of vibrations, all is vibration and the question you ask will match its vibrational answer. It will be given back to you, and if you are ready to listen. If you are open to the true answer, than you will receive it.

What if we ask the questions that we need answers to? If we are brave enough to ask the question that we need answered in order to continue on our path, it will lead us along on that path. It can be hard to actually want the question answered, because it will confront you with your truth that you do not always want to hear. Not asking is sometimes the easier way, because we do not have to deal with the answer.

Imagine you being strong and brave enough to ask, than you will receive. Knowing the question that you want to have the answer to is touching you in the most profound way. And you will know when you are receiving the answer. Sometimes we are not looking for answers, because we are not ready for them. But sometimes we are ready and we just need to ask. If we do that, we will know why when we receive it and will be grateful when we do.

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