Responsibility is taking part, it is saying yes to getting on board with the train of life. It does not mean that you, yourself, decide what the outcome will be, because you do not know that. But it means that you are willing to experience, you are willing to figure out what the reaction will be of your action.

You are willing to experiencing cause and effect relative to your involvement. It does not mean that you are to blame if things do not turn out as you wanted it to be. It means that you learn what your relationship is towards the playing out of consciousness in the physical world.

In fact, the physical reality is mirroring your internal reality. Taking responsibility to getting to know yourself by understanding the law of “as above, so below” or “as inside, so outside”. Embrasing the beginners mindset and staying curious of what the universe is presenting to you in terms of opportunities to learn.

Laura R. Wiarda

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