Don’t try to feel better,
don’t try to understand.
Don’t try to explain,
don’t try to convince.

Just let it be,
sometimes restless, sometimes still.
It is the way it is,
there is no need to change anything.

Even if there is a feeling of dis-ease,
don’t try to make it feel like ease.
Both dis-ease and ease can be there,

All there is,
is constantly changing on its own.
When you try to make it change,
it will stay the same longer.

By reinstating that you don’t want it to be,
you give the being of it more confirmation.
The being of things will naturally flow,
without necessary interference.

Let is be and it will move out of being,
and other things will move into being.
Let this space be,
and allow for the appearance of frequencies to manifest.

Enjoy the miraculous way,
of how things are inevitable changing.
As change is the one constant,
of which we can be certain.

Reconcile with it and there will be joy,
observing the manifestations of infinite possibility.
Being within the state of emptiness,
both being and death can be hold within.

The inexplainable beauty of it,
without the presence of any definitions.
By manifesting infinite potential from undefined chaos will,
by contrast of order, be balancing life.

Laura R. Wiarda

The allowing of fall to move from summer to winter.

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