Being in alignment with one’s Self.
What does it mean?

Being able to vibrate in the same frequency as Source. As you are Source energy. The Energy of which you came and to which you will return.

Every time you are out of alignment there is less coherence and thus opposition of frequencies withing yourself. These resonant, or actually, dissonant frequency patterns will cause harm to the biology of you. Not all of you is biology, but your biology is all you. Thereby, you are causing harm to yourself.

When you are in alignment with Source energy, all of You will vibrate in accordance to the highest good, the highest potential and your biology will feel alive. It is alive. You are life!

Realizing that you are life and that all that is you and all that you could be is already there. Recognizing the fullness of you and the joy, the spontaneaousness and effortlessness of creation is you. You will realize that you are love and you will recognize all for what it is, which is love.

The only thing that stands in the way is the unwillingness to let what is is and forgive what has been. Free yourself of all bonds and you will truly be free. Realizing you are creating the bonds, knowing you are a creator, you can also free yourself from them.

What kind of creation do you want to create for yourself? One of limitation or one of infinite potential? Ask yourself the question: “Who created the limitations in which I now believe?” If you are looking for an answer which is true, you must come to the conclusion that it is you.

Placing the responsibility of creation outside of one’s Self is the one and only act of making one’s Self powerless. The acceptance and embracing of the inner knowing of the fact that we are all creators of our own reality will give us the responsibility of creation and will place it back into ourselves.

We surrender to the way it is and always has been, which is that our time is our creation. Now you decide to use this time to create or to deny creation. The one will put you in alignment with Source, the other won’t. It is up to you, since you are gifted with free will.

Laura R. Wiarda

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