About me

Hi, I am Laura, welcome to my website. I studied geology. A bachelor at the University of Utrecht, which I completed. Then a masters at the Technical University of Delft, which I didn’t complete because I was not good at doing a thesis. So what I did is I quit the University and followed my excitement. And it takes some allowing and courage to leave a planned life, but I did it anyway and I am very happy I did. I would characterize myself currently as a spiritual seeker and in the future a (hopefully) spiritual finder :).

I was born in Sneek, Friesland (that is why I use .frl for my website), in 1994. I have always loved nature and sports, being very active in my childhood growing up doing all sorts of things. Skiïng probably is my favourite, and by skiïng I actually mean snowboarding. Being in the mountains makes me feel at home, probably that is where my curiosity for nature started.

Many who know me from when I was 22 or before probably would never have guessed that I am a very sensitive person with extrasensory abilities. I used to be very scientific in the way that I lived my life very much from the head instead of the heard.

Currently I am very much into intuïtive writing. That is what you will find in my blog on this website. In addition, I sometimes write a poem or just a short sentence about something that fascinates me. If you are interested in what I have to say, vised my blog page. And please feel free to comment!